Integrative massage in Atlanta, GA


Integrative massage in Atlanta, GA

Benefits of Massage


  Stress and Anxiety Reduction

  Pain Reduction

  Better Sleep

  More Energy

  Improved Concentration

  Increased Circulation

   Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

  Reduced Adhesions, Scar Tissue and Swelling After Surgery

Unique bodywork with effective results

Each massage is as unique as each individual client. Sarah has trained extensively in a wide variety of techniques. Consequently, she practices integrative massage, which means charging by time instead of by modality, enabling clients to access all of Sarah’s unique modalities without any upcharges. This customized blend of modalities ensures you derive the maximum benefit from each session. From soothing and balancing to deeper than deep, Sarah’s versatile skillset has earned her a loyal clientele.

Sarah not only performs relaxing massages, but also assists in clients’ rehabilitation, and has worked on clients with many different conditions and goals, from teenage athletes to paraplegics to geriatric clients to the overworked who simply need to make regular relaxation a part of their lives.

Many clients have described how massage has changed their life. They came in with chronic pain or an injury and were amazed and overjoyed to see their progress over a number of sessions to the point where their mobility was restored and they were finally pain-free. Some were initially skeptical about massage, but this convinced them of the importance of incorporating this in their regular wellness routine on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis.

Sarah encourages her clients to make a regular commitment to improving their wellness. She recommends a minimum of one massage a month for maintenance. Many clients benefit from coming in every week or every two weeks.


It has been such an honor to be featured in various interviews, where I talk about how I went from sick to well to helping others heal. Check them out here:

Who am I and why did I follow the call to heal?


Sarah Downing was inspired to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) after experiencing years of chronic illness and pain. Through her own healing journey she realized the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare and was moved to help others in the role of a “wounded healer”. Having seen first-hand the impact of stress-related illness, Sarah knows how vital massage and the nurturing power of touch are for alleviating this. She believes that heartfelt intention is a huge part of healing and her treatments also incorporate her natural intuition, enabling her to customize them to her individual client’s wishes and needs. Sarah specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic/medical massage, sports massage, cuppingThai massage (“assisted yoga”, an energizing clothed massage), ashiatsu, lomilomi, scar work and is a Reiki Master Teacher. As a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Trapeze® teacher, Sarah is excited to use her knowledge of the mind-body connection and healthy alignment to enhance her bodywork services. Outside of the treatment room, Sarah is a professional writer, poet, translator, singer and ghost tour guide and has been blessed to experience life in three different countries (England, Germany and the US), which has opened her eyes and broadened her horizons.

My Modalities

Deep tissue and therapeutic massage

This massage is both therapeutic and relaxing. It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and the network of connective tissue surrounding the muscles and bones. This makes deep tissue massage the ideal choice for those suffering from chronic pain such as repetitive strain injuries and any other kind of muscle tension or spasm such as tight hamstrings and quads, sore low backs and hips, fibromyalgia, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, tense shoulders, headaches, reduced range of motion, stress and anxiety, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Slower than other massage techniques to warm the tissue before going deeper, deep tissue massage can be performed with a variety of pressures (to your comfort level) to break down adhesions and knots, the painful rigid tissue caused by tension.

There may be some discomfort while performing these techniques on particularly tense areas and your body may feel like it does post-workout for a day or two afterwards. However, this tends to abate as you get it done more often, and ultimately clients experience extensive and often lasting relief of their symptoms. Ideally, as with any bodywork, this massage should be performed on a regular basis in order to maintain your body and prevent it from becoming accustomed to holding itself in a tense state.

Combine this with Thai massage assisted stretching for a massage that not only relieves your tension, but also increases your range of motion and flexibility – excellent for athletes!

Thai massage (aka therapeutic stretching)

Affectionately dubbed “lazy man’s yoga”, this approximately 2,500-year-old art form is traditionally performed fully clothed on a padded mat (though it can be performed on the table) and is suitable for those in search of a more energizing massage experience. The client wears loose and comfortable attire such as sportswear to facilitate the series of assisted poses, stretches and compressions. The practitioner uses their forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create increased flexibility, energy (by opening up the body’s energy/sen lines) and better postural alignment. Thai massage is a much sought after modality due to its multitude of benefits. I am proud to be among the few in the area to offer this unique therapy, and not only that … I’ve studied with four different schools, have over 100 hours of continuing education and have even attended the celebrated International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you wish, I can also blend Thai massage with other modalities such as deep tissue to customize the perfect massage experience for you.

Sports massage

Get a massage after your workout to help reduce soreness and improve recovery time.

Sports massage treats areas of the body that are overstressed from repetitive and often aggressive sports movements. Athletes incorporate it in their training regime to prepare for an event, enhance their performance and reduce their recovery time after an event.

Hot bamboo and hot stones

I enjoy incorporating this in my massages as the heated tools soothe the body and soften the tissues. Try this amazingly unique alternative to traditional hot stones! Mu-Xing Therapy uses warm bamboo and rosewood tools to perform deep tissue massage techniques. Synergy Stone massage tools are also incorporated to luxuriously embrace the muscles and effectively work out trigger points and tension.


The practitioner uses plastic cups to apply suction to the surface of the body to draw out pathogens and invigorate the body’s qi (energy flow).


We are all made up of energy and in Reiki energy healing the practitioner fills themselves with the energy around them and subsequently transmits it to the client through their hands. The aim is to enhance the client’s own healing abilities, induce relaxation and reduce pain. Depending on their level of openness and their rapport with the practitioner, each client may experience this differently. Often, it can be described as a tingling yet soothing sensation where the practitioner’s hands heat up to soothe tension and bring about relaxation. For Reiki practitioners Reiki generally flows through their hands whenever they perform any type of healing work.

Scar Work

I am one of the few Licensed Massage Therapists in the area who can treat scars with massage. When you’ve had trauma to the skin and muscle from an injury or surgery, your body creates scar tissue. Scar work reintegrates the scar tissue back into the fascial (connective tissue) web. This enables me to soften the scar and its appearance, reduce tightness and pulling and consequently increase range of motion that may have been caused by the disruption to the fascia or connective tissue. I am amazed and delighted to see the significant changes to scars that are possible after just a few minutes of gentle and pain-free work on them!


“Sarah is a Rock Star! She is a truly gifted healer and awesome woman!”

Laura Spada DePallo, client 


“Sarah Downing is a powerhouse! I had a few Thai massages from her and each time she addressed long time issues. My I.T. band was always tight, Sarah got in there deep, it released and remained relaxed for a few weeks. I also had a long time shoulder issue which she corrected by her attentive skill. I’ve never had anyone give me such an intense treatment. I’ve received many different modalities of bodywork. Each with their own uniqueness. Sarah had found a “tool” that works well “in her hands”. That being Thai massage. I love you sister for your wonderful compassionate work. Thanks again.” 

Eric Powell, fellow bodywork practitioner 


“Sarah has a more dynamic, and passionate understanding of massage therapy than any of the other practitioners I’ve experienced. Her approach merges traditional massage techniques with other energy healing modalities blended in a respectful, effective way. One of her best qualities is that she listens, and is glad to modify everything from the pressure of massage to the music based on your personal preference. Of highest importance to Sarah is that you receive the experience you need and desire. I highly recommend her, especially if you are looking for healing based on specific imbalances in your body, mind or spirit.”

Eric Venuto, client 



“The most amazing and unique massage I have ever had! Sarah’s hands are just magic. The atmosphere, aromas, calming and genuinely professional caring is obvious walking in the door. Her techniques are like none I have ever experienced. You MUST check out what I’m talking about!”

Amy Rieser, Client 


“What can I say about Sarah other than she is the best physical touch therapist I have ever experienced. The deep tissue massage is unbelievable. She pays attention to detail and it’s noticeable in the end when your experience is over with. I recommend her with the highest ranking possible. In the two years I’ve used her I’ve never been disappointed what she can do with her magic hands and inner energy that translates into your body thank you” 

Corey Schmidt, client 


“Sarah is a wonderful massage therapist! She was extremely helpful for me. She was able to increase my range of motion when I was recovering from a bimalleolar fracture in my ankle. It made walking bearable and less painful! Highly recommend! Extremely knowledgeable and personable!” 

Jessica Rohl, LMT and client 


“Cannot believe I haven’t shared yet, but Sarah Downing has gone for it and opened up her own amazing practice. I’ve gone to her before she took this huge leap and of course followed. Sarah is extremely skilled, intuitive, strong, daring and giving. I truly believe in the importance of massage. She’s a gift. Take a chance and try her!” 

Lauren McDonough, client 


“Sarah is an excellent massage therapist. Her studio is pleasant and relaxing. I’ve experienced significant improvement to chronic arthritis pain as the result of Thai massage with Sarah. I highly recommend it!” 

Terri Cutrera, client 


“Accommodated me on the spot. Walked in with sciatica pain. Walked out with amazing results.” 

Jadwiga Kozdra, client 


“What an amazing experience! Sarah listened intently to what I needed/wanted, and incorporated that into my massage. She used amazing and intuitive techniques that I’ve never had anyone else use, and it was just what I needed. The pain that I went to see her about was gone, I was (finally) relaxed and the tension headache I went in with after a long day at work was GONE. Highly recommended!” 

Michelle Wire, client 


I had the best massage session I’ve ever had with Sarah a couple weeks ago. She took the time prior to starting my session to get to know me, my health issues/ concerns and what I was hoping to get out of this session. She personalized my session to what I was looking for. She took the time to explain everything while she was preparing to perform different techniques and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Sarah is not your “typical” massage therapist and truly provides services you will never find elsewhere.” 

Megan Carbohn, client


I had a few nagging injuries that I have been dealing with for quite some time now. To the point where they were interfering with my life. Sarah was extremely thorough with going over my issues and lifestyle to determine which type of treatment was best for me. Sarah took the time to sit down and discuss my issues. I have been experiencing so much relief from her work I had to leave a review. You are getting MUCH more than just your typical massage at Lime Green Lotus/Sarah. Highly recommended.” 

Bryan Thomas, client


Sarah is an absolute lifesaver. I reached out to her in desperate need of relief as I had no mobility in my arm due to an injury. She was kind and got me in quickly for a massage. She spent extra time working on me as she wanted to be sure I didn’t leave until I got some relief. .Within 48 hours I had 100% use of my arm back and was relieved of the intense pain I was in. Sarah has magical healing hands and is excellent at what she does. I highly recommend her and her services. Thank you so much Sarah for helping me heal.” 

Heather Ann Hughes, client


After my Reiki massage, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. I feel a weight has been lifted off of me, and the energy around me feels easier to deal with. Definitely recommend for anyone who is sensitive to energies.” 

Kayleigh H, client


Sarah is a gifted and talented massage therapist. I have been getting massages from Sarah since she began her career. It has been amazing to watch and feel the expertise grow with each client she worked on and each class she took. Her hands are golden! Her skills magnified over the years. Congratulations to Savannah, Georgia. You have gained an angel of massage!! You owe it to yourself to book an appointment!” 

Diane Bracco Quartel, client


Sarah is magical in every way! I spent my whole life believing I wasn’t flexible at all and couldn’t even touch my toes. After one massage with her, I could touch my toes with ease AND my plantar fasciitis was nearly 100% gone! She really eased the pain of my messed up feet and I would highly recommend her to anyone for literally any reason. Thanks, Sarah!” 

Gaby Jaspan, client


Sarah!  Girl? 100% agree with other reviewer: you are a rock star. I get regular Thai massage near Chicago and scheduled a session while traveling through Savannah, GA. Sarah communicates perfectly to set up your appointment–block of time that works for your schedule. Her body work I found intuitive and focused. Thai massage is the best IMHO. You wear your sweatpants and hoodie, lie on a comfortable mat on the floor and relish in relaxation while your body gets the degree of stretching best for YOU for all systems to reset. I will schedule with Sarah in a heartbeat when in the Savannah area again.  Call her now. Straight up? Self care is the best way to take charge of your life.” 

Mary B, client

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Rates and Policies

By appointment only. Please give 24 hours’ notice if you wish to reschedule.

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Appointments at my office:


I believe in keeping it simple, so one price for all services and no upcharges. This gives my clients access to all modalities from my extensive training, even the more specialized ones. For more effective and more lasting results that you won’t find elsewhere.

$140 per 60-minute massage

$210 per 90-minute massage

  $280 per 120-minute massage

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Sarah Downing, Licensed Massage Therapist in GA
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