My Modalities

Deep tissue massage

This massage is both therapeutic and relaxing. It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and the network of connective tissue surrounding the muscles and bones. This makes deep tissue massage the ideal choice for those suffering from chronic pain such as repetitive strain injuries, sciatica and any other kind of muscle tension or spasm.

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Slower than other massage techniques to warm the tissue before going deeper, deep tissue massage can be performed with a variety of pressures (to your comfort level) to break down adhesions and knots, the painful rigid tissue caused by tension.

There may be some discomfort while performing these techniques on particularly tense areas and your body may feel like it does post-workout for a day or two afterwards. However, this tends to abate as you get it done more often, and ultimately clients experience extensive and often lasting relief of their symptoms. Ideally, as with any bodywork, this massage should be performed on a regular basis in order to maintain your body and prevent it from becoming accustomed to holding itself in a tense state.

Combine this with Thai massage assisted stretching for a massage that not only relieves your tension, but also increases your range of motion and flexibility – excellent for athletes!

Thai massage

Affectionately dubbed “lazy man’s yoga”, this approximately 2,500-year-old art form is traditionally performed fully clothed on a padded mat (though it can be performed on the table) and is suitable for those in search of a more energizing massage experience. The client wears loose and comfortable attire such as sportswear to facilitate the series of assisted poses, stretches and compressions. The practitioner uses their forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create increased flexibility, energy (by opening up the body’s energy/sen lines) and better postural alignment. A much sought after modality due to its multitude of benefits, I am proud to be among the few in the area to offer this unique therapy.

If you wish, I can also blend Thai massage with other modalities such as deep tissue to customize the perfect massage experience for you.


The therapist supports themselves by bars suspended above the massage table and uses their bare feet to give you a luxuriously different deep tissue massage. If you crave something different, this is the massage for you and I am among the few practitioners in the area to offer it!


We are all made up of energy and in Reiki energy healing the practitioner fills themselves with the energy around them and subsequently transmits it to the client through their hands. The aim is to enhance the client’s own healing abilities, induce relaxation and reduce pain. Depending on their level of openness and their rapport with the practitioner, each client may experience this differently. Often, it can be described as a tingling yet soothing sensation where the practitioner’s hands heat up to soothe tension and bring about relaxation. For Reiki practitioners Reiki generally flows through their hands whenever they perform any type of healing work.

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